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Most guys, young or old, consider hair loss to be a social death sentence. Your family and friends will make fun of you. Women will find you unattractive. Co-workers will smirk at you.

This is how it is, right?

I am going to show you why these claims are true only if you want them to be.

how to deal with hair lossmeThere is no cure for baldness. Many young guys with hair loss often turn to treatments, which can have harmful side effects; surgeries, which can be risky and costly; and hair systems, which, well, I’m not going to get into right here (hey, if you want to wear a toupée, be my guest).

Other guys hide their male pattern baldness for as long as possible, living with the perpetual anxiety that someone will notice their thinning hair.

Are these all the options? No.

On this site, in my ebook, and on the email list, I will explain why going bald is actually not a big deal. Don’t believe me? Start reading. You can find a few years worth of content in the archives but you may want to get started by clicking one of the images below.

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