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Do Women Like Bald Men?

do women like bald men?

Instead of answering this question, I’m going to explain why the question is stupid.

There are some women that are simply turned off by bald men. You might be able to win them over with your personality or you might not.

There are some women who love bald men. This may be hard for you to believe, but some women actually seek out bald men.

In my experience, these two groups of women are not representative. You may come across a woman who is repulsed by a bald head, but don’t anticipate it and let it worry you. You may come across a woman that is obsessed with a bald head, but don’t plan on it and assume that it will happen.

Instead, consider this: most women like men.

Specifically, they like men who are confident and comfortable with themselves, and men who have something to offer in terms of humor, generosity and values.

If you watch sporting events or late night TV, you may see more than a few commercials for hair loss products. Rogaine and Hair Club for Men are the most notable. In these commercials, you can expect to see plenty of shots of men running their hands through their thick hair as an attractive woman dotes on them.

These are commercials, not reality.

Know this: meeting women has a lot to do with your self-confidence and personality, not with your hair, or lack of it. Rogaine spends millions of dollars to convince you that your happiness depends on the thickness of your hair. Their profits depend on your insecurity. This is complete bullshit.

Before Stan sent me his story, he told me that dealing with male pattern baldness these days is a lot easier. He’s not the first person I’ve heard this from. Additional evidence comes from the fact that combovers and hair pieces used to be worn by a lot more people. Very few guys shaved their head 20-30 years ago.

Today, many guys have embraced the shaved, buzzed look, including celebrities and athletes. One of the biggest action movie stars at the moment is Jason Statham, who has done nothing to conceal the fact that he is losing his hair.

Don’t waste your time thinking about whether women like bald men. Women will like you if you are confident and comfortable in your own skin. If anything, use your baldness as an asset. Buzzing off your hair takes courage. If you own it and wear the look confidently, you send a powerful message that you are in control of your life. This won’t go unnoticed.

Fuck Rogaine and this stupid question.

Be yourself. Be confident.

I’m going to be talking about a few specific ways to build confidence and meet women in future posts and in more detail on the email list.

Till next time..

Photo credit: flickr user victoriapeckham

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  • TJ May 3, 2011, 1:06 pm

    “Fuck Rogaine and this stupid question.”

    Haha. I love that

  • Abone March 30, 2012, 6:08 pm

    I can identify with this article im now 25 and have been losing my hair for years, it seems like every time i look into the mirror my hair line has receded even more, now im about as bald as jason stratton. However i have had a few very nice women in my life and they didnt seem to mind about my baldness, it seems to me like its more of an internal struggle to come to grips with your body. Having said this it doesnt help getting strange looks from people like you are a cancer patient or something?

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