Is going to Turkey the best choice for a Hair Transplant?

If you are beginning to see signs of hair loss or suffer from hair loss already, you’ll almost certainly be doing your own research into hair transplants and will likely have come across the old phrase “Buy cheap, pay twice”

Medical Tourism is what it’s called in the west, becoming increasingly popular via social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram with many westerners flocking to Turkey every year and returning onboard flight 279 with bandages wrapped around the base of their heads with tiny droplets of blood on their scalp. Procedures like this are offered at much lower prices compared to western clinics and therefore is the main reason why thousands flock to Turkey.

How Much?

Costs can vary however they can be found for around £1400 compared to a UK price of around £5000 – As you can see Turkey is alot cheaper. But there are a number of reasons for low Turkey hair transplant costs.

As Turkey has a substantially lower cost of living than in the UK, wages are also less — this means hair transplants are also forced to be more affordable. Another factor determining the price of Turkish hair transplants is the sheer volume of clinics in the country. With more than 500 clinics across Turkey, hair transplants are a very competitive field, meaning clinics are forced to lower their prices as much as possible to attract their customer base.

What to look for

  •  Experience – It’s vital that you screen your surgeon and check that they have adequate experience. The number of surgeries alone is not an indicator of quality. Patients should couple this number with pictures of successful results to make the right judgment.

  • Reviews – Reading reviews online should give you an idea of the quality of care and services the hospital offers. There is no better feedback than first-hand experience.

  • Certifications – This is the most critical precaution of all. Patients should always check if the hospital of interest is accredited by the government. It is even better if the hospital of choice has the seal of approval from international boards. Sadly, it’s surprisingly easy for unqualified surgeons to fabricate their certificates, especially since most patients lack the resources needed to check their legitimacy.
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